Chisago City, MN | Storm Damage Repair

Chisago City, MN | Storm Damage Repair

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Chisago City, MN was originally settled by early Swedish pioneers, yet its name came from the Native American Chippewa (Ojibway) tribe who referred to Chisago lake as “Kichi-saga sagiagan”. 

Kichi means large, saga means fair or lovely.  Each year, Chisago City celebrates their community during Ki-Chi-Saga Days, which also includes activities honoring their proud Swedish heritage.

Communities anchored with tradition and strong roots also tend to take care of each other in times of need.  At Turnkey Restoration, we witness how the community comes together – especially after severe storms other hardships – to support neighbors or other business owners when their buildings get damaged.  Our team works hard after storms hit communities to restore roofs, siding, windows and gutters as a part of putting homes and commercial properties, and ultimately communities back together.

Our general contracting services also extend beyond storm damage.  If your residence or business in Chisago City or surrounding area needs an exterior upgrade or renovation, we would be honored to be your “turnkey solution” for your entire project!

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