Ice Dam & Snow Removal

“Freeze. Thaw. Freeze.” is a bad combo for your Minnesota roof.

Ice Dam Snow RemovalYour roof need may need to be rescued to make it through a Minnesota winter.  If your roof doesn’t get the help necessary to eliminate extra heavy snow, or prevent or remove an ice dam, then the rest of your building integrity will be compromised.

Summertime hail and windstorms are not the only calamities that can damage your roof.  Ice dams can create significant damage.  Ice dams are caused by melting snow that usually builds up at the lower part of your roof, in a seam were roof lines combine, and in the gutters. The water then refreezes when the temperature drops, expanding into all the areas where it didn’t completely drain – wrecking shingles, gutters, fascia and soffits.

The additional water damage often extends to attic and wall insulation, and interior ceilings and walls, resulting in an extremely costly repair.

One way to eliminate ice dams is with roof snow removal.  Keeping your roof clean from excess snow means there is very little to melt and back up to cause ice damming, and also takes the extreme added weight off your house.

Keep our number in your speed dial if necessary, because a Minneapolis winter is long.  Or contact us now  for preventative measures you can take to minimize roof, gutter or interior damage due to heavy snow or ice dams.