Scandia, MN | Storm Damage Repair

Scandia, MN | Storm Damage Repair

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Scenic Scandia, MN, a rural city located along the St. Croix River, is about 25 miles northeast of the St. Paul-Minneapolis metropolitan area.  

The first Swedish immigrants settled in Minnesota in this community and the historic village area is home to the community’s Scandinavian heritage and charm.  Farmland, lakes, woodlands, parks, trails, and natural attractions such as the St. Croix River and Big Marine Lake are features that make Scandia attractive to residents and visitors alike.

As with any community with a rich history, both residential and commercial buildings can be generations old, requiring exterior maintenance due to age and weather.  At Turnkey Restoration, we specialize in the installation of roofing, siding, gutter systems and windows for restoring your building’s exterior, extending the life of the building for years to come.

You may have a farm home that has served your family for generations and needs a new roof or windows.  You may be raising your family in one of the city’s newer developments that might have clogged gutters resulting in ice dams and consequential interior water damage due to the winter freeze/thaw.  When it comes to storm damage, it doesn’t matter the age or of your structure, severe enough weather can damage virtually any building exterior.

Let us at Turnkey Restoration be your go-to general contractor for upgrading, restoring and beautifying your building’s exterior in Scandia, no matter your building’s history.

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